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295 tires

crawford anderson

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So my 350z is not spec.  But Im wondering about your experience with the 295 tire size.


Worth the additional expense vs 275????

What do you use in terms of 295/30/18 vs 295/35/18 ??????



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I've spent a lot of time doing research and shopping for wheels and tires for my two 350Zs and what I've generally been told from more experienced track guys is that 295s are too much for the na engine and so they will actually slow you down versus 275 being kind of a sweet spot. 

the car does not perform well with a large stagger. you want to keep the front and rears fairly close in size.

I am still on a set of 245/255 Conti ECS on stock 18x8 wheels. I'll be installing 265/275 on  RPF1 18x9.5s on the second car which will take over all track duties. 

I have heard that square is just fine on these cars but some tires will trigger the VCS fail. most racers run with it off but that may not be recommended for everyone so you want slightly bigger in the rear. 


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