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Prop Valve


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95 Civic Dx with rear disk brake upgrade.

Swapped a in a 4040 prop Valve but was leaking at the threads.  I went to junk yard and that one was leaking also.

is there something I'm doing wrong?

I Can't buy new prop Valve from Honda.

should I just T the front lines and use aftermarket prop Valve?

any guidance would be appreciated.



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F74ECDEC-EC76-4800-9577-8D037A9966A6.thumb.jpeg.142254b0ba9274a85398e1afeb5f09ef.jpegD093AEAC-0E7E-4A3C-B90F-623242A05837.thumb.jpeg.2ba4c8e197df512333928dc2d24f55fa.jpegNot sure what other HC competitors are using, but my 1994 BMW 325 had nonfunctional ABS even before it was converted to a track car. 

Pre-1996 E36 brake systems have a single line to a T to the rear calipers. After flat-spotting another pair of rear tires, I added a Wilwood proportion valve mid-point in the single line to the rear. Trial and error on a Test & Tune Day fine tuned the brakes.

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