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No Competition License Required


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A competition license is not required. However, the reading I have done suggests that there is some expectation that any driver has some track experience. What is the standard experience expectation for new drivers? What if a driver does not have this minimum expected experience? 




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  • National Staff

Hi John, 

We've had that question before, so we wanted to be sure we included it in the TREC rules.

2.3. Driver Eligibility and Licenses

2.3.1 TREC 1, 2, 3, 4: There is no requirement for a competition license, only valid state driver license (or, alternatively, an accepted racing license as outlined below) No medical form is required, however all drivers must be in good physical condition as deemed by their physician to participate in auto racing. Some track experience is required beyond being a beginner. Generally intermediate experience or NASA HPDE3 is a good start. Check with your TREC series leader or Regional Director. Drivers who are significantly slower than the rest of the field or driving erratically may be excused from the race by the Race Director. If any team enters a vehicle in TREC 1-4, but gets moved to TREC U, regardless of reason, their drivers all will be held to the license standard for TREC U.

In other words, if a driver has so little experience that he or she is a hazard to other competitors, the race director might approach the team and ask that the driver bring the car in and hand it over to a more experienced driver. 

The full TREC rules are listed here: https://nasa-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/document/document/23527/TREC_2022.1.pdf


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