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2023 Rules Changes Proposals Submission Period is Open

Michael Gershanok

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The Period for Submission of the Proposals for the changes in NASA GTS Rules for the 2023 is now Open!

Each proposal must be made as a new thread here at GTS Forum with the "Rule Proposal" heading and a brief summary in the subject, followed by the detailed content in the body of the message. It is advised to provide following when submitting:

1. The Proposed addition or change.

2. The reason behind the proposal.

3. Any documentation, data or analysis supporting the request.

4. Proposals must be made by GTS drivers. Please, indicate, Name, Region and Class.

We strongly encourage drivers to participate in the discussion here at Forums.

The Period of the submission will be open for approximately 3 weeks - till Sunday, October 16th. If no proposals submitted with in next 2 weeks, we will consider closing the thge period earlier, which will be announced appropriately. As always, after the Submission Period will close, the Committee of GTS Regional Series Leaders will discuss the proposals and will post the Draft of the 2023 Rules with the recommended changes (if any), by November 1st.

Thank you,

Michael Gershanok,

GTS Nat. Dir.


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The period of the submission of the proposals is extended for 1 more week - till next Sunday, October 23, 2022.


Michael G.

GTS Nat. Dir.

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We closed the period of proposals submission. During the next week the proposals will be discussed by the committee. We expect to submit the draft for the 2023 Rules by the end of October. The comments on the existing proposals here at Forum are still welcomed.

Michael G,

GTS Nat. Dir.

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