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1994 RX7 Montego Blue Touring


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I've had this car for the last 10 years. Before me there were two other owners, one in Arizona and another in Georgia. For the last couple of years its been by dual purpose weekend track car and Sunday cruiser. Every event its driven to and from the track without problems. Only cars that really give me a problem are those with high horsepower (Corvette and Porsches). PB at Eagles Canyon Raceway is a 2:09.8, benchmark that as needed and I wouldn't say I'm the fastest driver either. Car is perfectly civil on the road, not overstrung and has a beautiful power delivery when you want to scoot around traffic. 

Price: $47500

-5th gear syncro replaced by Rotary Performance <2000 miles
-ACT 6 puck sprung disk
-ACT heavy duty pressure plate

_Build List_
-Shine Auto Feed carbon side skirts
-Shine Auto Spec-RE2 Street Rear Diffuser
-Urethane front lip
-Racetech RT1000 drivers seat
-Racetech 5 point cam lock harness
-Garagestar driver seat rail
-Stock passenger seat
-Samberg 4 point roll bar (NASA Approved)
-ebay B&M short shifter
-NEW Mazda front defroster vents
-NEW Mazda door sills
-NEW Mazda headlight covers
-JDM 99spec arm rest
-WorksBell steering wheel adapter
-330mm OMP leather steering wheel                                                               

-18x10 +50 square Titan 7 T-R10
-275/30/18 Kumoh <300 miles on them
-StopTech Slotted Rotors
-NEW Hawk DTC60 Front Pads
-NEW Hawk DTC60 Rear Pads
-NEW Motul RBF600 Brake Fluid
-Stainless Steel Brake Lines

-Ohlin Road and Track Coilovers
-SakeBomb Garage sway bar mounts
-Tri-point sway replica using Mazda Motosports parts
-Texas Track Works alignment 
-HPP Differential Brace
-Improved Racing sway bar end links
-Improved Racing strut tower brace with brake master brace

-Rebuild with 3mm apex seals <2000 miles ago by Rotary Performance
-295whp and 255ft/lbs dyno numbers tuned by Rotary Performance
-Turblown EFR7670 turbo kit with shorty manifold 
-Stock primary rail and 800cc injectors
-Full Function Engineering secondary rail and 2000cc injectors 
-Fuel Lab fuel pressure regulator
-Sakebomb Garage IGN-1A ignition kit
-Fuel pump re-wire
-Bosch 040 fuel pump
-Greddy V Mount
-Dual 19 row Setrab Oil coolers
-Oil thermostat
-Dash10 AN fittings and braided lines
-RyWire Engine Harness
-Link G4+ ECU
-Link CAN Lambda sensor
-Triumph fast acting IAT sensor 
-GM 3 Bar MAP sensor
-Sakebomb GM Map sensor bracket
-Magnaflow mid pipe
-Racing Beat twin tip exhaust 
-AEM V2 water meth kit
-AEM V3 water meth nozzle
-Sakebomb IGN-1A igntion system
-Sakebomb Garage rear water meth injection tank
-Sakebomb Garage pump bracket
-Aluminum wide gas pedal
-Garage Alpha Hyper fuel baffle 
-Braille AMG battery
-New water pump
-New water pump belt
-New Full Function idler pulley kit 

-New Mazda roof skin
-4 gallons Boost Juice
-Original A/C Condenser
-4 quarts Idimatsu rotary pre mix
-Second set of wheels: SSR Integrals with Advan AD08 rear and Hankook RS4 fronts
-Set of brand NEW Hawk DTC60 brake pads
-Stock driver seat

_Things to note_
Fuel gauge doesn't go all the way to full, accurate the rest of the way down.
Passenger side skirt has some minor damage from road debris, if you are not looking for it you wont see it.  
Paint is age appropriate, back 3/4 of the vehicle looks good, front has some rock chips. Little to no swirl marks. Looks great at 10ft!
Dipstick is loose, needs to be replaced. 












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