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Spec3 update October 2022


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Hello all! Just dropping in to make a note since no one uses the NASA forums anymore but this is still a place someone might land. Just a reminder that I'm not the series leader, nor do I work for NASA National. I'm just a guy that really likes Spec3. 

First off, join our discussion group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/spec3


The class is growing faster than ever and may very well be the fastest growing class in NASA.


In the beginning of 2020, we had about 10 racers.

Now we have in October 2022:

30+ complete cars

25+ students in HPDE also building Spec3s and working their way to comp school

4 regions with Spec3 races in 2022

6 regions with Spec3 builds active that I'm aware of (SoCal, Utah, Great Lakes, Mid Atlantic, Northeast, Southeast, Florida)

The class is showing no signs of stopping its meteoric rise and we are averaging 2-3 new builds starting every month. We've done all of this without poaching from other classes within NASA. Most of our racers or potential racers in HPDE are net new to NASA and have come to the org to join a great class. 

Thank you all for believing in Spec3! 



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