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MK60 ABS question


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It looks like the 3dm, the guys who pioneered the standalone Teves mk60 kits have transferred the production to RHT motorsport.  He states his kits now use the mk60e1 units which have the same valveblocks as the regular mk60, but he doesn't have to scour junkyards anymore. Are these units legal for st4? Also, i don't think these units communicate via obd2, i've sent Doug Wardell an email so i'll wait for his response. I assume the connection is to verify programming? How exactly is that done? Even the reprogrammable units i believe need to be bench flashed.

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These units, like the MK60 and MK60E5, can be communicated with via CAN.


You can connect to them via INPA or other tools to verify programming / bleed / diagnostics / code.

MK60 is pin 11 hi and 15 lo

MK60E1 is pin 30 ptcan hi pin 15 ptcan lo

MK60E5 is pin 30 ptcan hi pin 15 ptcan lo


edit: added pins for the units.

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