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Interpretation of 2022 ST Rules Section 6.1.6


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I would like to get clarification of the interpretation of Section 6.1.6 of the 2022 ST rules.  Paragraph 2) prohibits the "availability" of higher horsepower configurations.  What does "available" mean?  Does this prohibition apply to OBD2 programming?  I'm not an expert, but I believe many ECUs can be retuned via OBD2.  Are such ECUs allowed in ST/TT competition?

I'm considering a tune that allows for an adjustable boost limit that can be set via OBD2 -- would this tune violate section 6.1.6?  This adjustment is more user-friendly than a custom remapping but for the technically savvy I'm not sure it's really much different.  Thanks!

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2) At no time during a competition session shall any configuration be available or utilized
which would allow the vehicle to produce higher horsepower or RPM numbers on track
than on the submitted Car Classification Form or during post-competition Dyno testing.

For example, if the vehicle ECU has the option to store multiple configurations which produce
different power levels, the Car Classification Form must correlate with the configuration that
produces the highest power numbers possible. (It is no longer permitted to use a lower
horsepower program to class the car when multiple configurations exist—regardless of the
reported ability, or lack thereof, of the driver to access them.)

So, many ECU's can be reprogrammed via a plug in laptop, etc.  But, that does not make those configurations available to produce higher HP or RPM numbers on track.  However if there are multiple configurations programmed simultaneously that can be switched manually or automatically based on certain parameters, then only the configuration producing the highest power numbers may be used on the Car Classification Form.  So, "reprogramming" is one thing, and having the different configurations and programming for different configurations in the computer that can be switched (even if claimed switched by a laptop or OBDII device) are not the same things.  Unfortunately, there are those who have had multiple program configurations in their ECU's, that claim that the driver cannot access them on track, but even if that were true, doesn't mean that they are not accessed on track or on the Dyno post-competition).


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