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2023 ST4 Section 6.4.2 Paragraph 4)


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Clarifications of  2023 ST4 Section 6.4.2 Paragraph 4)

"Single rear wing or spoiler that does not exceed a height of 8.0" above roof line"  Does this include mounting hardware?  This would affect decision on top mount vs bottom mount wing.


"12.0" protrusion from rear of vehicle"  This measurement includes rear bumper?




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The way that I tech this is to imagine a piece of flat plywood sitting 8.05" above the highest aspect of the roof.  If the car can't drive under it without touching it, the wing is too high.

Similarly, if I back the car up to a wall, and just barely touch the wing to the wall, and then measure the distance from the wall to the car (including the rear bumper), the measurement must be 12.05" or less.

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