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2023 Toyo Tires Contingency Program Decal Guidelines - SPEC TIRE Classes ONLY

Aldrin V.

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  • National Staff

Here is where you will find the 2023 Toyo Tires Contingency Program Decal Guidelines.

These guidelines are for SPEC TIRE CLASSES ONLY!  Open Tire classes are NOT required to follow these decal guidelines.

To be eligible for the Toyo Tires Contingency Program you must properly display decals on your vehicle as shown and register ONCE PER YEAR for the program.



No Changes for 2023. 

Additional Information:

  • Toyo Decals may be custom made as long as the correct design and minimum size requirements are being used. 
  • Toyo Decals may be created in any color as long as it is a contrasting color from the car. (Example - White Toyo Decal on Black Car) 
    • Cars with the same color Toyo Decal as the car will have their registration rejected until corrected 
  • If your car is not listed, use the car that is closest to your make/model as a reference



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The yearly contingency portal gives an error when i submit. is this normal? how i can i confirm that it was received? 

Screenshot 2023-02-16 093221.jpg

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added pic of error
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  • National Staff

It looks like the service we use for the form submissions is down temporarily. I would try again later today and see if it works

If you are still having issues message me directly 

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I have been locked out of my account since mid of last year. Every time I have been "reactivated", I have tried to login with my present password only to have it rejected. When I select "forgot password", then click on the link provided by the email I receive to reset my password, I am once again locked out of my account. 

I  have lost contingency money last year because of this, and it looks like nothing is changed for this upcoming season. What needs to be done to rectify this once and for all??? 

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  • National Staff
On 3/15/2023 at 6:02 AM, TaylorGoesFast said:

Can someone please update our class name to "Spec3" without the space on the Toyo and Hawk forms? 

I will update the forms in the next few weeks

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Question about Spec Z Champs pays; the page explicitly names the spec classes that receive payouts Z is not on the list. Additionally it is not on the list for eligibility for regional points finishes either. Is this an intended exclusion? It is, however, listed for individual races so it  feels intended. That's why I'm seeking clarification. Thanks!

Z champ.JPG

Z reg.JPG

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