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Are friends/guests allowed?

Junna Stockwell

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If we bring someone along do they also need gear ( helmet ) 

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  • National Staff

If they are just coming to the track with you to watch, they do not need any gear. 

If you were asking if they could come out on track with you, that depends on your level of experience. Here are the rules regarding passengers in HPDE:


4.5 HPDE Passenger Privileges

A passenger is defined as any participant possessing the proper wristband or credential, riding in a moving vehicle while on track, yet is not in physical control of that vehicle. NASA Instructors are not considered passengers for the purposes of this section. All passengers must be at least 18 years old. Minors that are participants in the event should not be a passenger, unless riding with an instructor, for the purposes of instruction.

1. The ability to take a passenger on-track is a revocable privilege, not a right.

2. Passengers may be allowed in all HPDE groups, unless otherwise specified.

3. Group 1 (“School” or Beginner) participants must get specific permission from their Instructor before a passenger may be allowed in the vehicle.

4. Passengers must use the minimum safety equipment and attire as required of the driver.

5. Passengers should not be allowed in vehicles where they are sitting near or below obstructions (e.g.. “Petty bar”) that may pin or trap them or cause other possible harm.

6. Anyone that is involved in a spin or off-track excursion with a passenger in the car may lose his or her passenger privileges for the day.

7. Only one (1) passenger is allowed at any given time, in any car, unless an Instructor is driving. HIGH PERFORMANCE DRIVING AND TIME TRIAL 17

8. Passengers should not commit any action as to cause interference or distraction of the driver or any other drivers. 9. Passengers should keep their arms and hands inside the vehicle at all times.

10. Passengers are not permitted to place any part of their bodies, such as their hands, in any area that is between any roll bar/cage tubing and the body panels of the interior. Doing so may result in crushed limbs. Enforcement of this rule is the responsibility of the driver.

11. Passengers are not allowed in open-top cars that do not provide rollover protection for the passenger side of the car (e.g. an original Shelby Cobra.)

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