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Seat Sliders in Spec Miata for Endro Events


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I'm looking for some answers related to seat sliders for endro events.  Some buddies and I would like to run in WERC events.  We've got some size differences between us.  I'm 6'3 (the tallest) where our shortest is 5'8.  Inserts don't seem to be doing the job, so I was wondering what was legal in NASA in terms of seat sliders.  I couldn't find anything in the CCR, but I might have honestly missed it.  We'd like to run my spec miata (with a floor drop).    

Do I have to do a FIA approved seat slider (which the only one I can find is the Recaro slider)? 

If sliders are allowed, do we have to run a back brace? 


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I have done an adjustable seat in an ST5 Miata with a dropped floor. It's not easy. 

I used the side brackets and the locking nuts from Pro Car Innovations. It comes with the bracket that bolts to the factory seat mounts, but with the flat dropped floor, you won't be able to use that. You might contact them to see if you can get just the side brackets and locking nuts.  


A composite seat is not required to have a back brace before it expires. 

What's critical is the locking nuts that let you tighten the nut from the underside with no need to hold the nut on the top side. They have a tab that fits into the slot on the sliding side brackets, which on a Miata are usually under the seat because there isn't enough room to angle them outward. Look at the photos in the PCI link and you can kind of see locking tabs

For the belts to work for drivers of varying heights, I attached the antisubmarine straps to rear outer corner of the seat bottom. The seat was a Kirkey aluminum. If you have a composite seat, I don't recommend drilling holes in it. I used a back brace from AutoPower. 
I will add that the adjusters I did were not intended to be moved during a quick pit stop.

I also don't recommend any of the adjusters from racing seat manufacturers. They can and do break on impact.

I don't have photos of the installation I did, but I do have photos of broken adjusters. 

What you are looking to do is one of the more difficult things to do in racecar fabrication. Sliders that move easily are not safe. Sliders that are safe do not adjust easily. What happens most often is that the seat is located to accommodate all drivers on your team with some measure of discomfort, but not unreasonably so. I wish you good luck. 


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