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Audi SPEC 3 Series?


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Hi All,

Not sure where else to post this, and GTS seems to be the closest to the topic.

I've been thinking about this for a few years now, and inspired by SPEC Miata and SPEC 944 - has anyone considered an "Audi SPEC 3" group?

The A3's are getting inexpensive. They have fantastic motors and transmissions, and wonderful aftermarket support. Aero, Chassis, Tube subframes, TONS of performance options, brake kits, etc.

I could see Audi SPEC 3 being a very affordable entry option for people who like German cars, but don't want to drive a BMW, or that want to drive FWD cars. From what I can see, there is no spec series for any FWD cars, which would be another enticing reason; to try racing something different that RWD.

Sure, I may be biased as I'm running an Audi S3 and have since 2015, but I couldn't be happier with the car's performance on the track. The car's balance is quite nice from the factory, and with some slight adjustments can be downright perfect.

Thoughts? Discussion?

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The goal is to have less classes - not more. There are few classes with in NASA where Audi A3s have place to race competitively. Doubt that model would justify forming  a whole class. Just my opinion.

Michael G.

GTS Nat. Dir.

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Adding more classes is the last thing NASA should be doing. Not to mention it's a class that would never gain any real traction. The base cost of a car is usually a small fraction of the cost of building out a race car. As someone who attempted to make a B8 A5 a competitive racecar, I would advise everyone to never consider it. Was just a terrible car for reliability. Nonstop transmission issues. A few engine issues as well. A3 probably uses the same 2l and gearbox? Run from that platform! Ended up selling the car to an Audi dealer as showroom display. That's the best place for them!... Now if you starting talking RS3 TCR's, now you are in a whole different ballpark. But very little on that car translates to the street cars for a reason. 

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