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Thanks Ryan and crew!

Allegro Racing

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I know you guys had a very rough weekend on several counts and though we were all effected deeply by the events of Saturday afternoon, I just wanted to thank you guys and say that we enjoyed our weekend despite our car problems (which were relatively minor).


There was a lot of emotion and incidents which must have really made you guys question why you should go through all this...but I just want to thank you for putting on these events and hopefully on balance it's worth it for the pleasure so many people derive from them.


I also wanted to thank the officials who worked with us cooperatively to help bring our car in with an electrical problem which lead to the failure of the tail lights (and eventually the whole electrical system) and the radio system so that we lost contact with our driver who was unaware of the problem. We were all interested in fixing the problem and continuing safely if possible and the vibe I got from every official who I talked to was helpful and friendly and not officious and pompous and dogmatic.


That right there is why I choose NASA over SCCA or other options.



Pete Fowler

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