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Sweep vehicle speeds!

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I just love the Rally Ego thing...


Rich, I don't know you but damn, I wouldn't like to have to report something to you I knew you wouldn't like to hear!


Just like I'm doing now actually...


Pretty nice pictures of an airborn SUV. I'm glad this is no safety issues at all...


I love the juxtaposition of "Look..a mailbox!" in the photo.


Greaaat way for NASA Rally Sport to maintain a caring low-profile with the locals who at best, _endure_ really events in their front yards once a year.


Suck it up NASA..you dont need the whole story when a non-comp vehicle representing YOUR event is caught airborne on a public road crossing someones freaking mailbox.


Grow a pair.



PS: They are in fact, ugly wheels. Goes a long way to describe the mentality of the driver.


Flame on.

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Rest assured that we are aware of this issue and dealing with it internally. I am not at all pleased by these photos and the other problems presented by this event. They will be dealt with thoroughly and decisively in order to make sure we are keeping our folks safe and the folks in the communities we compete in safe as well.


My sincerest apologies to all involved and we'll do better going forward.






John Lindsey

Chief Divisional Director

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John Lindsey gets the last word on this one. This thread is now locked.



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