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Special Projects Motor Sports introduces a Third Car and Driver for the 2004 Touring Car Season.

It’s Official… John McNulty will be teaming up with Jeff (Kiwi) Owen #66 and Shawn Bota #65. Driving the former Bota / C-West Integra (#64 for 2004) in the 2004 West Coast (H1) Honda Challenge. John's car will inherit all of the B18C and B20 engine development work that went into the two fastest Integra’s in the Honda Challenge last year. John’s previous racing experience has been as a consistent front runner in his CRX in the H4 Class. He placed 4th in class in the Championship in 2003. As well as bringing a wealth of Aerodynamic expertise to the team, his performance in the 25 Hr event at Thunder Hill has proved John is a very smooth, consistent driver with a maturity and team spirit that will mesh well with the raw talent and enthusiasm of Shawn Bota and the wisdom and experience of Jeff (Kiwi) Owen.


The team’s original JDM ITR #66 and the new #65 car will be completely stripped and rebuilt with the new JDM Type R K20 engines and 6 Speed Gear Boxes. Apart from the driving positions, the two cars will be identical in HP and handling. However, Shawn gets to be the “Rock Star” in the first of the K-20 ( CIRCUIT WORX) Integra’s at the start of the season as it is unlikely that time will allow both the K-20 Conversions to be done for the first round at California Speedway. The Kiwi will probably do the first two events of the season using one of our B20 Engines, redeveloped for reliability after showing the potential of this power plant at the October 2003 Honda Challenge event at Infinion Raceway. We expect Kiwi’s car to be running the K-20 Engine by the May 1st. event at Thunder Hill. John's car will be powered by one of the Team’s Mugen Type R B18C engines with more compression and wilder cams, and with a little more seat time he will be a force to be reckoned with.


The controversy over the legality of some aspects of the development of the “B Series” engines used by some teams in 2003 can now be dispelled. Special Projects and some of the other teams intend to insist that our engines be sealed by a NASA Tech official prior to the start of the race season. This will discourage unnecessary protests and the unpleasantness of stripping and re-assembling expensive engines at the track.


So look for some big new sponsors! New color scheme! New 3 car Transporter and a Cool New Aerodynamic look on the Special Projects Motor Sports cars for 2004! There will be no team orders, apart from… Finish in the Top 3 spots on the podium, every time! We intend to win this Championship as a Team… But watch for some excitement as the season goes on and personal goals and ego’s come into the mix…


The Special Projects Motor Sports team would like to thank (Team owner) Mr. Don Wilson. If it wasn’t for Don’s backing and enthusiasm, none of this would be possible.

And a special thanks to all of our sponsors.


Good luck to everyone in 2004

Special Projects Motor Sports

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That sounds great. How about a 4th car?

And no ramming the Fast car in the slow class. J/K

Dont think it will be that easy to get 1-2-3.

And dont forget legal setup is the way to go.

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