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VVC and the National Dance


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Lets get a head count for the big dance.


Kevin Mixon VVC-2 (450hp Wheel at 3,300lbs with adult male driver)

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If I decided to run, what class would I be in?


87 Corvette

full cage

full interior

Stock brakes with Hawk pads and ducts

completely street legal

full tank minus me 3,540

357 rear wheel HP

DOT race tires ???


NON DOT slicks???



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Racerboy, goto to NASA's web site and look at the rules for VVC. It appears you will be in Level 1. 3,540/357 wheel = 9.915:1. Max would be 7.8 to 1 so you are very safe.


Your tire width maybe an issue for VVC-1 and Slicks will put you all the up to X. Bob Mayer hangs out there as well as some other 600+ HP C5s.


Mallet Cars built my C5. Lance and Chuck are good friends and I am sure they will come out to the race in September.

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I will be there in VVCx.


If you run slicks you will be in X. Otherwise put some DOT's on it and run VVC1.


Either way sign up now so we will have a big class and that will get more people to sign up.



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VVC x!!!

HOLY SH*T BATMAN......what am I supposed to do against that?????????


I'm bringing a chain and hooking it on your tow hook so I can come in second!!

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Oh Good ...for a second there I thought I was screwed!!!!


2100lbs....I hope nobody leans on the car...it might fall apart. what the hell is left in the thing????

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If my car is still running I'll be there. Someone has to be last. James talked me into running at Mid Ohio in April. By the way James did you get your car running? What was wrong??


91 Vette VVCX

3000 lbs

300 HP

300 lb driver

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New motor on the way. I haven't even taken the heads off the old one. I kinda knew it was time before it happened. 4 years on a race motor is alot.

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