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Big thanks to Tom Paule


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Thanks again Tom for taking care of me. I had such a great time. After the first car threw a rod you gave me the "Brokeback racing " car and then prepped another car for me to drive in the enduro. Stu and I had a great time and got some great experience. Also I was very impressed with the Nissan SER cars , their durability, cost effectiveness, and tire wear .

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It was a pleasure having you racing with the SE-R guys. You have to come out again and race, next time, I'll be in a car, too so it'll be a 5 way throw down.


That was one hell of an exciting race to watch, especially when you figured out the car 18 seconds in front of you was in class, and you "hammered down" and caught Jason 1 lap too late. We all want a rematch against "Viper Dude I", I know you won't back down

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I may have caught Jason but passing him would be another thing. I watched him carefully and he was pacing me so as to stay ahead but not use up his tires. SMART. But what a great time . Unfortunately I dont have the in car footage of me behind Derik. He did a great job of bringing the car back after checking out the WRC capabilities of his Nissan in 8-9



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