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NASA Texas race at MSR 5/20-21/06


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Who's In?


Great track, we are all still trying to figure the fast way around.


I think there will be 2-3 Porsche Cup Cars in GPC-X this weekend.


Kevin Mixon GPC-2/VVC-2.


Let's try to paddock together. I'll be at the front as usual. It will look good.

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I will be there...hopefully with the old brown Motorhome (37ft) and my trailer (33ft) and three kids, so I will need some room. If we make it friday afternoon I will try to park near you. I'll try not to get into your car by mistake.

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I am going to be there.


We just got the beast back from the tuner. It runs and sounds mean! We only got it up near 410HP, but it feels like more. The torque range is awesome. Around 3,000rpm you hit a power band and launch!


Should be fun!!

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My bet is that it is substancially more.


We can do some Drag Racing at the race and see.


Hopefully your girl friend knows more about tuning than it sounds like on the phone. She didn't sound very LS1 familiar.

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