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Newbe Tech ?


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I want to enter an HPDE event at Cal. Speedway but have a tech concern: '94 T-Bird 4.6 supercharged, Cobra T-45 trans. I have a bolt in roll bar-one piece main hoop, diagonal bar, two bars going to the wheelwells and a bar from the top of the hoop to a 2"X1/8" sq> bar which spans the rear shock towers. Also a bar behind the seats where the Simpson 5 point harness wrap attaches. The seats are Corbeau and attach at the stock floor points--they do recline a bit. Is this setup ok? I run autocross and this setup prevents any body movement.

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I think this has been addressed on this forum, have you tried a search? I'm not the tech person but I believe a roll bar, harness, and then a two-piece seat is a no-no. Try a search of the forum.



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If you run stock or non-FIA seats with a rollbar or cage you MUST be sure that in NO EVENT can a seat collapse backward UNDER the rollbar. This could break your neck or back. Basically this means you need a seat back brace or the bulkhead to prevent rear seat movement.


Harnesses are fine - as long as they meet Comp Spec per the CCR (EXCEPT the date rules - they just have to be visually ok for HPDE)

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