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National Entry List..where are all you guys


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they just updated the entry list..249 total.

Our lame ass group has a total of 11 cars. 7 su, 4 vvc. That's pathetic!!

How come nobody else has signed up?? what are you waiting for?? If you don't do enough races to qualify you'll get your money back...or worse yet, maybe they'll let you run anyway!!!

Sometime sooner then later the organizers are gonna start combining the smaller groups so they can break upTTU into 2 groups.

So how about all you guys on the fence (Kmix, Frank B., etc)...sign up.


Thank you for your attention....you can now go back to what you were doing................

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I ahave withdrawn from Nationals because of the registration. I am in VVC-1 and I have been the only one for months. I could run in PTA, but only one car is registered there. I am not drving 1800 miles to get thrown in a SU or VVC-X group that I will never keep up with.


I hope that the GPC grouping will help this situation for next year! Otherwise, I have a car that does not really have a class to run in nationally.

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Well...what did you really expect from a vette and viper only group? We don't have any vipers competing in Texas...how about your area? So it's really a vette race......when the national office shows our group some attention and puts someone who truly cares about building our class...then I'll join in. I don't mean to poo-poo the class. We could have had something nice....there's always next year for NASA to prove me wrong. Hope they do!

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Hey Bob,

We have 3 here in the region that will be running VVC1. Why don't you bring the T1 car down and run it in VVC1. That will make atleast 4 people.



Kevin, Do you still have a near "stock" T1 car? If so bring it and run in 1 as well.



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There is 1 viper signed up for the nationals. Why not sign up and SUPPORT the class instead of taking the attitude that your not gonna play until they notice you, me the vettes, vipers, GPC...whatever




I've parked the T1 car and will eventually sell it (I'm pretty lazy), but thanks for the invitiation. I want to race the SPO car.


There is more then enough SCCA SARRC races that I can do here in the SE. I niavely thought that all the guys who race the VVC across the country and complained about car count would jump at this chance to race each other.

Apparently I was wrong. And am really dissapointed.

What the hell....if nobody else shows up for VVC I'll just race the SU guys and see how I do.

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I am in. I just haven't gotten around to registering.


If I change engines then I can run VVC-1. I am currently spec-out at VVC-2 or (GPC-2). I may through some slicks on and run VVC-X.


Brady and anyone who has been following GPC, it will be a class next for NASA. However it will fall into the PT "Overloard" rules. We will have a "Special" set of rules or points or both.


I think I am going to build an LS1 powered Pinto for PT.

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Joe Aquilante wrote me about maybe going. Perhaps he and AJ will come in T1.


Rayman...resign up. You can always cancel later. If no one else signs up.


KMIX..I can't believe you haven't signed up yet. You still thinking about the tire wall after turn one??

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