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SearsPoint 02/08/04


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Well!!! My first HPDE with the new Z. All I can say is ! My hats off to all who were running and supervising the event. It was a gas.


Does any know who that photographer that was there? And how I can get a hold of him. I don't even know if he was shooting the HPDE, but I'm hoping so. And if anyone has any video of me (Silver Z06 #717 Grp 2), please let me know.


For the record, I have lot's of video of a dark WRX, a Silver MiniS, and a dark Honda something. (The WRX was in front of me A LOT! lol)

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Norm from Head on Photos was the photographer - headonphotos.net I think he requires you buy from him at the track, and no idea if he shoots HPDE, but write him and ask, best you can do.


I was out as well, and had an absolute BLAST! It was a ton of fun. Not to hijack your post, but Thanks to Marty and Kevin my instructors, and Steve and Barry for the classroom instruction. Saturday I learned it was much, much harder than it looks. Sunday was the most fun I've ever had in a car


Scott Miller

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what group were you in?


I was in HPDE 4/TTE .. It was a great weekend, even set my personal best time at that track..


I had one mistake on sat, but fixed it enough to go back out sun..

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