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What about a single seater?

Black Horse

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A question that was posed to me that I could not answer:


How would one climb through the levels of HPDE if you only have a single-seater?


I could see a ride-along with an instructor for a session then debriefing between participant driving sessions. Anyone have thoughts on this?

Once a person reaches the 3/4 levels this wouldnt be a problem, but how would the 1/2 levels be handled when a newbie really needs the guidance? Maybe instruction should be sessions in the tow vehicle?

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I think you'd do a lead and follow with the instructor. The instructor would spend some time ahead of you, letting you follow him- each of you in their own car (or maybe the instructor with a student).


Then in later sessions, the instructor could follow you and give feedback at the end of the session.


In SoCal, the head HPDE instructor (if he doesn't have a student) will head out on the track and watch others in this fashion to give outside the car input.



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Hmm interesting.


I'd think that if someone was a complete novice, they'd have to get experience in a non-race car and then move up once they hit the mark where they can solo.


Just the safety side of me coming out.


I know I would not feel safe as a participant if I knew there was a n00b in my group driving a RACE car w/o an instructor and w/o experience in such a car.



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I guess you're right. I was assuming that you'd have some experience... most people just don't jump right into a single seat car.


I guess you could always take out your street car (or even tow vehicle) to be with the instructor.



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