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No Sponsor for VVC or PT


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Gee Kevin, lets see if we can figure this out?????

How about because no VVC cars signed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And since nobody signed up, we now have 30 something Porsche 944's in our class. This is gonna be fun...NOT

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Bob, even with my entry it is only going to be a few of us.


Most of those 944 will be like move pylons for us. Last one I was on the track with, I can down so hard and fast on him $ht himself and went straite of the track!


Any how, I did notice some other classes listed for prize money and what not that are similar to us.


I do have to admit we have a large turn out for GPC down here. Vettes, Porsches, BMWs and Ferraris, but we have yet to have a Viper show.

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hopefully you/NASA ,whoever, can eliminate VVC and get GPC up and running, and we can have good turn outs and maybe some contigency next year. It has been kind of depressing to get 1 or 2 emails /week from NASA regarding all these contigencies..and none for us.


Looking forward to MO, see ya in a couple weeks

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It looks like we may get some general contingencies but that is about all I can find.


I know that GPC should be a modified set of rules with-in PT. We just have to workout the details.

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