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Today i rec'd an email from Forgeline Wheels. They have agreed to offer a continguency. Yesterday when i looked on the National Site. 8 cars registered in V V C. I don't know exactly what they are offering but at least we have rec'd something. Thank you Forgeline Wheels. If you have Forgeline Wheels make sure they are on your ride for the race.

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You guys are up for these two also:

Argent Lab Offers $105,000 in Contingency to NASA Racers


RICHMOND, CA-August 21, 2006. The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) is pleased to announce that Argent Lab will offer $105,000 in Gift Certificates to competitors and top finishers at the inaugural NASA Championships event at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course on September 14th-17th, 2006.


Robert Boudreaux, president of Argent Labs and BCI said, “It is a great honor to be a part of the inaugural NASA National Championships. This event is a place for competitors to put their abilities to the test, and they’ll need every possible advantage they can obtain. Our intent is to supply the club racer with no-compromise equipment, at a price that doesn’t break their budget, for an event as monumental as the NASA National Championships.â€

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Today rec'd an email from Carbo Tech Brakes. I know alot of Vette drivers use these on their cars. Hopefully they will come on board & offer a continguency for the Vettes...

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