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I signed up earlier today for the HPDE-1 sessions at Homestead nov 6-7. When will I know if I can use the numbers I requested? This is my first time and I wanted to get the numbers for my car. Thanks

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Rob O

You should get an email a week or so before the event coonfirming the event, schedule and your car number will be listed there. That's what the Southeast does. Depending on your alternate numbers, you may be able to go ahead with your prefered number and just change it at the track with alternates if needed. (if your first choice was 21 then your alternates could be 121 or 211) Use blue tape to add the 1 in front or behind your perinate number. If you didn't choose alternates in the above methode, then I have no sugestions other than lots of blue tape.


Good luck and have fun.

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On the nasa North east site,http://www.nasane.com/events.html, they provide what seems like a full schedule of events. However some events are grayed out:


Aug. 2 – 4 -- NJMP Lightning Course

Aug. 23 -- Lime Rock Park, CT – HPDE only


I would like to attend these events, but I'm not certain what it means if it's grayed out.


Also it has Sept. 27 -29 -- Watkins Glen, NY listed, but it says registration is closed.


Can anyone shed some light on this? Thank you in advance

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