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Fuel Cells and HPDE


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I'm putting a fuel cell in my 1966 Mustang HPDE car. I'm not going with a certified cell and was wondering if this is going to be a problem at tech. I will have a firewall in the trunk and all other equipement, just substituting a poly bladder cell for the rubber. Also, what is the rule on trunk mounted batteries, do you need a kill switch mounted in the rear and does it have to be tied into the ignition/ alt circuit to turn off the car.





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If you modify the original equipment on your car, the modifications need to conform to the equivalent rules in the racing section of the CCR. This has been discussed elsewhere on the forums regarding seats.


Kill switch in the rear is an NHRA rule, not a NASA rule. I suggest you read the CCR racing sections regarding fuel cells and battery mounting. The CCR is available on the NASA site http://www.nasaproracing.com

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