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wear and tear

Al F.

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Hey enduro fans


We're considering putting together an entry for an enduro race using a CMC car and I have a few questions...


Assuming a 3hr enduro...

How much tire wear should we expect?

How much brake pad/rotor wear should we expect?

Would you recommend a different pad compound than we run normally?

Would you recommend different tire pressures than normal?


I have a good feel for wear during our regular sessions, but I don't think wear for a given amount of track time with half hour shifts will be equal to the same amount of total track time all in one stint. Currently our Proxes RA-1s last about five weekends, so give or take 13hrs on track. Brake pads are lasting about three weekends, so give or take 8hrs.


Thanks for any advice you may have

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Your tire and brake pad wear assumptions sound good. Be sure you have cooling ducts to the front brakes to aid in cooling. Also, work on driving technique for the enduro. Brake earlier, but easier. Carry the same speed into a corner and be very smooth on exit. You'll be surprised how little time you loose doing this. Save the hard charge for the last stint if you have a shot at gaining position.

You should easily be able to do a 3 hour on a set of tires - short of damage - and a set of new, but bedded pads. Work on fueling the car. That's where most glitches occur. And be sure to check fuel range. The first enduro we did with a stock-based platform, we found that the last three gallons of fuel would not pickup in long right handers (ie turn 2 at Willow). It cost five or six seconds a lap - either on the track or in extra pit stops. Work out the details and the experience will a lot more fun. Good luck!

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In our Cobra R mustang PFC 90 pads ( or PFC 83 way back )on a Cobra caliper could last three hours at most tracks. Not all. It also depends on the driver. Many change brake pads during a three hour. Then PFC came out with the 01 compound and that does not last three hours.

Rotors lasted two races. Buy only Ford rotors. Others proved to be garbage.

Tires were Hoosier and some teams could make three hours. Many just changes fronts halfway through the race during a driver change.


How fast do you want to be and how hard are you on the car ??

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