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Spring Question, Carburetor Synchronization, Shop/mechanic

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The used Legend we bought came with a bunch of springs. We used the info provided on this forum to get her changed over to road racing from oval. Thanks guys! Our question is, we have some springs that have the same in/lbs rating printed at the top, but are of different heights and coil thickness. We have set our ride height using the coilover shocks.

How hard is it to get the carbs synchronized? Where do you find a tool to balance them? We have a high RPM miss and have changed the coil packs, plugs, wires.

Last, we are in Alabama, does anyone have a recommendation of a good shop/mechanic to work on a Legend nearby, Tn, or Ga?

Thanks for your help.


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You can purchase a carb sync tool from the JC Whitney catalogue. Its the mercury type and is better than vacuum gauges.

The best place to get carb work is:


Redline Pro Motorsports, Inc.

531 Akers Road

Jefferson, GA 30549


Ray Scott

Phone 706-367-1524

Cellular 706-340-2454



Hank Scott

Real Race Cars, Inc

2865 Armentrout Dr

Concord NC, 28025



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Thanks Legendscar 54. We have had a devil of a time getting her to run. She bogs down at high RPM. Lift the throttle a little and she picks up. We have replaced the coil packs and fuel pump. Any suggestions you have would be appreciated.

Thanks again.

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