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REC Motorsports teams up with California's Best


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REC Motorsports teams up with California's Best for coveted E2 title in 2006 25 Hours of Thunderhill


Sunnyvale, California November 12, 2006


Once again in 2006 the E2 class has the largest number of entries and REC Motorsports is pleased to announce their driver line up for it's run at their place in the history books and bragging rights to the coveted class championship at the 2006 NASA 25 Hours of Thunder Hill. REC Motorsports will be running against many of the best endurance teams and most recognized endurance drivers from all over the United States.


REC Motorsports impressive driver line up will include Donna Gilio, Minden Nv, Marc Kirberg, Corte Madera Ca, Mike Courtney, Mill Valley Ca, Tommy Olivier, (Tommy O), San Rafael Ca, Benny Pecqueur (Benny the French Man), Los Angeles Ca. Team principles Donna Gilio and Ron Carroll are confident that along with this driver lineup and with one of the fastest proven and winningest H4/E2 cars in the country they stand a great chance at a podium finish. A lot of the success of REC Motorsports is due to the experienced hands and watchful eyes of Ron Carroll who has proven he knows how to build a car that will be more than ready for the 25 Hours of Thunderhill and will be built to the demanding specifications required to win what has become known as the most demanding endurance road race in the world.


REC Motorsports Acura Integra with Donna Gilio as the driver, has had a very impressive and consistent year. Donna won the season championship in SCCA ITA and ITX for the San Francisco Region, in the process she set 10 new track records at Infineon Raceway, Thunder Hill and Laguna Seca. Donna has also raced many of the NASA H4 races when time allows and has not been beaten in a NASA Northern California race this year. REC Motorsports with Donna driving, also holds all of the H4 track records at all of the northern California tracks. If that is not enough Donna, driving the blue REC Motorsports Acura Integra went to the NASA National Championships and placed 2nd in the nation in H4. Donna also won a race and broke a 9 year standing track record at Phoenix Int’l raceway in the ITA class.


Another addition to REC Motorsports Team is none other than California's Best Team owner, Gary Faules who has accepted the duties as REC Motorsports head crew chief. Gary Faules along with California's Best Team has won more endurance championships than any other team in NASA including the only three time winner of the coveted E2 class of the TIMEX 12 hour endurance race and the first team to win the 25 Hours of Thunderhill as well as 4th overall.


Since Gary Faules has been invited to race in the world Famous La Carrera Panamericana endurance race in Mexico, with the help of California's Best Team driver Jon Emerson and son Will Faules they are in the process of building a car and will not be running a car in this years 25 Hours of Thunderhill. However California's Best Team drivers Marc Kirberg, Mike Courtney and Tommy O and back up driver Will Faules who just returned from the Mid Ohio National Championships as NASA's first Performance Touring E National Champion along with Benny Pecqueur will be more than glad to except the challenge. Along with REC Motorsports, California's Best Team and crew will be doing what they do best along with the outstanding ability of Donna Gilio to bring REC Motorsports to Victory Circle. They all look forward to working together to show what real teamwork and cooperation is all about. Like Gary Faules says, "It's all about being California's Best."



REC Motorsports would like to thank our sponsors for their support, AIM tires and Ron Cotez for all of his input and help getting us to this point, Hinds Custom Machine, Whitefield Racing, Twin Cam Motorsports, Alpine Signs , Wayne Palmer from National Note, DMS North America and Palisades Properties.

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