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GST Motorsports to Campaign Subaru Impreza in 25 Hour


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GST Motorsports to Campaign Subaru Impreza in 2006 NASA "25-Hours of

Thunderhill" Severe Endurance Race




HAYWARD, CA (November 23nd, 2006) – GST Motorsports, GOTO:Racing, and Grassroots Motorsports are joining forces to enter the 2006 NASA 25-Hours of Thunderhill Severe Endurance Race, campaigning a Subaru Impreza modified to take advantage of the liberal ES class rules.


“GST Motorsports is a new company serving racers and performance drivers, with experience building and tuning engines for teams running in Speed World Challenge GT, Grand Am Cup, U.S. Touring Car Championship, U. S. Pro-Rally, and California Rally Series, in addition to Time Attack cars, club racers, daily driven track cars, and even stock street cars," explains Mike Warfield, owner of GST Motorsports. "This effort is our first in-house effort, tying together everything we've learned over the years of building and tuning engines for professional race teams with our chassis setup and race strategy experience gained supporting GOTO:Racing in the Grand Am Cup series."


In a bid for the overall podium, the team's driving roster will include a driver line up brimming with top class talent stemming from Grand Am Cup to World Challenge TC and coupled with plenty of endurance experience. As of Nov 27, the driving line up is as follows:


Brian Lock (Grand-Am Cup, USTCC)

Christian Miller (Speed World Challenge TC)

Chris Lock (Grand-Am Cup, USTCC)

J.G. Pasterjak (25 Hours of Thunderhill, GRM Production Director)

Mike Lock (West Coast Honda Challenge)


Likewise, GOTO:Racing's experienced racing crew will join GST Motorsports’ shop mechanics to provide support throughout the grueling 25 hour event. The crew, shop mechanics, and team drivers have been working together since September to make sure they are ready to tackle the premier class of the endurance neo-classic 25 Hours of Thunderhill.


Grassroots Motorsports is the how-to magazine for the new breed of racer and enthusiast. The magazine’s articles cover the entire world of amateur motorsports, from autocrossing to rallying and racing, as well as descriptions, tips, and tricks for souping up your own race or track car. In 2005, GRM’s 25-Hour effort was sidelined by technical problems. This year, GRM hopes to turn the wick up to 11 with GST-Motorsports and GOTO:Racing.


GOTO:Racing currently campaigns a Subaru Legacy in Grand Am Cup, and has been able to achieve two top-10 finish’s (5th place, Miller Motorsports Park and 6th place, Laguna Seca), win the Bernheim Improve Your Position Award (Laguna Seca), turn the fastest laps of the race(Phoenix, Miller), and generally finish in the top half of the field for the season, in their first year in the series.


The 25-Hours of Thunderhill is the ultimate test of car and team, where reliability is critical and better fuel management, careful tire wear planning, and judicious pit strategy can enable teams to pass opponents by pitting fewer times. GST Motorsports and GOTO:Racing team members bring with them experience from several previous 25-Hour events, with finishes at the top of their classes as well as on the overall podium.


GST Motorsports is based out of Hayward, California. The company owns a 5000 sq-ft shop space with a state of the art 4-wheel Mustang chassis dynamometer, Hunter laser alignment rack, several lifts, and a full clean room for motor assembly, and complete fabrication capabilities. GST Motorsports is expanding its business and welcomes new customers with any racing, track day, or street car needs.




GST Motorsports, GOTO:Racing, and Grassroots Motorsports are entering the 2006 25-Hours of Thunderhill with support from several of their long term corporate partners, including


Nitto Tires

KW Suspension


Calculated Risk


Stasis Engineering

034 Motorsports

Vision Autodynamics

Element Tuning

DB Tuned

LIC Motorsports


For more information, please visit our websites:

GST Motorsports: http://www.gstmotorsports.com

GOTO:Racing: http://www.gotoracing.com

Grassroots Motorsports: http://www.grmotorsports.com

RaceTech: http://www.racetechseatsna.com

Subydude.com: http://www.subydude.com

KW Suspension: http://www.kw-suspension.com/en/

Nitto Tires: http://www.nittotire.com

Stasis Engineering: http://www.stasisengineering.com

034 Motorsports: http://www.034motorsports.com

Vision Autodynamics: http://www.visionautodynamics.com

Element Tuning: http://www.elementtuning.com

DB Tuned: http://www.dbtuned.com

Calculated Risk: http://www.calculatedrisk.com

LIC Motorsports: http://www.licmotorsports.com

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