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Fuel pickup issues


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Well the RX7 ran it's first race this weekend at CMP and I discovered a few issues with the car. The most annoying is the fact that is seems the car is getting air in the fuel lines once it gets to 2/3 full. I believe that even though there's foam in the cell, the pickup is getting uncovered. The lower the gas gets, the worse the problem, and it's only when going around sweeping turns at high G forces.


I've had a few suggestions, and I'd like to get some more input from everyone else. Tom suggested dual pickups but I'm a little unsure about the best way to do that. To me it would seem that a second pickup wouldn't work given the pump would choose the path of least resistance. If one hose became uncovered, I would think the pump would still suck in air. Also, assuming that isn't the case, do you run a "T" fitting or do they make "Y" fittings?


The second option would be to build a surge tank that helps feed the motor during hard turns. There are a lot of different ways to do that and some get very pricey. I need to find the cheapest solution possible, and any advice would be appreciated.

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This link might help, I think he uses a surge tank:




Good find althgouh his setup seems a bit too rigged for my tastes. I mean, you see the rest of the car that I drive.... lol


I did find this though and I may try my hand at putting something like this together.





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I experienced the same thing last season, I fixed my problem by going to a larger fuel line in the tank and moving the end of the line more to the center of the tank.

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One of the things I did was to move the fuel pickup tube towards the center of the fuel cell. Hopefully that, combined with the surge tank I buit, will help out a lot. I was able to convert the fuel filter using $35 worth of parts. Combined with a Carter fuel pump that I had sitting around, you really can't beat the price! Obviously I still need to mount it and replace the rubber lines. My SS hose didn't come in time, but I have it now so I get to swap out the lines before Road Atlanta.




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