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I'm trying to decide what tires I can buy for the RX-7. Obviously, the Hoosier R3S05's are going to be the fastest, but how long will they last? If I can get 6-8 weekends out of them than the $800 is well worth the price. Yet I know the RA-1's will last a long time, and they are considerably cheaper at $500. I guess the real decider is how long the Hoosiers will last. A plus for the Hoosiers is that I can run a 245/50/15 where all other tires are only available in 225/50/15 sizes. Also, I hear the general rule of thumb is Hoosiers are about 2 seconds a lap faster.

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Yeah, I'm a little behind the times on my Hoosier designations considering I’m still running R3S04’s and have a pair of S03’s in the garage. The R6 is what I've been looking at. Still trying to figure out how many events these will last. No websites really seem to list a practical life span.

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