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BMW E30 325e ETA


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Gregg, & other wise TTer's - I notice the mid 80's BMW 325 with the ETA 121hp engine is not classed. The '84-'86 base 325 and 325e had the 4k rpm redline, 121 hp, low compression ratio engine, and poorly spaced economy gearing. According to the SpecE30 rules, stock OEM weight was 2770, sound about right. ETA is Greek for efficiency.


Could these be classed in in TTG? I don't believe they are over dog's. I owned one a few years ago, and yes they are torquey, but they run out of steam very quick. That looong straight at Mid Ohio would try most people's patience.


The '88 is considered 'Super ETA' with more power and more revs. They more likely should be TTG** or TTF.


The 325es adds sport suspension, air dam, and spoiler (doesn't do much on a car that can't do 100mph). That suspension (springs, dampeners, bigger front sway bar, and a rear sway bar) would either incur Gregg's wrath of option pts or put the es in a different base class (maybe TTG*?).


Why do I ask? I'm looking for a cheap DD & occasional TT car. My old eta only cost me $1200, returned 30mpg, and was kinda fun to drive (in the snow at least). Driving the tow suv to work is killing me, I think the fiancee would approve such a small purchase price.

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I was trying pull off a wedding before race season, but it will probably happen after the season is done...


You obviously have your priorities straight!

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