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$3.98 "National Admin Fee" for Friday at Cal Speed


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I'd already registered for the weekend racing, thought I'd tack on Friday testing just a moment ago. At checkout, there was a $3.98 "National Admin Fee" added on. What gives?




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Unfortunately, we had to add this fee to keep up with the rising costs of doing business that we have seen over the past year. We've hired new folks to improve service to the members, built up our IT resources, and we've also seen increases across the board in the overhead costs required to make the National Office run. We were faced with increasing license and membership fees again or finding another path to add a little more to the pot ,so we went with this small fee to make it all work. We regret having to add another cost to the weekends, but we hope the fee is small enough that it is not too painful for folks to bear.






John Lindsey

Chief Divisional Director


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Well, I already pay for membership and racing license, and entry fees, but I understand NASA needing a little bit more. $4 isn't going to kill me.


Just wondering if it was a bug, that's all.


(Why $3.98 anyway???)


Thanks JWL!



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I registered for my next race and renewed my membership this morning and caught the sneaky fee too. I thought it was kind of cheesey and am still not sold, but it is what it is.


I am happy with NASA and can deal with it.


Why doesn't NASA sell more shwag ? It isn't always easy for me to get a shirt or something during a busy weekend. But if I had the option to buy some extra loot when I register, I might get a crew member a shirt or hat or something.


Get the IT crew on that one.


/.02 $

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