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Tech. Bulletin: Lotus Elise & Exige Rear Toe Link Brace

Greg G.

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Technical Bulletin 3-6-07--


The Lotus Elise and Exige optional rear toe link brace, along with the spherical joint that replaces the ball joint and attaches to the inboard end of the toe link bar are no-points modifications. OEM geometry, suspension mounting points, the outboard end joint on the toe link, and the toe link bar itself must remain stock.


Similar aftermarket braces that meet the above requirements will also be no-points modifications (even if they have spherical joints on the static ends of the brace itself). Aftermarket kits that include a replacement toe link bar will be assessed +1 point. Aftermarket kits that change the outboard toe link joint to a spherical/heim joint will be assessed an additional +3 pts. for "metalic replacement suspension bushings". Aftermarket kits that do not use the OEM mounting locations for the toe link ends will be assessed an additional +6 pts. for "relocation of rear suspension mounting points".

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