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In car timing display available?


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Nevermind, I found the displays for sale. I presume that the display will show me the same time that NASA registers everytime I cross the loop.



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Yes, but the only issue is that your region needs to have the system turned on that allows the Display IT to function. I believe that every region now has the hardware and software for this, but you should check with your region's T&S folks before making the purchase to be sure. The Display IT was working at the NASA Championships last year.

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the Display IT costs $500 which is roughly half the cost of most gps based dataloggers on the market today. I personally bought a G2x becuase it gives me both lap times and advanced data logging (rpm, Gs, speed). The lap times have never been more than a tenth off of official results and are usually within thousandths.


One nice thing about the Display IT is that it displays gap which might be useful in a road racing scenario. But TimeTrial is always run with multiple classes, your gap may not always correspond to the next car in your class. Something to keep in mind.

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