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Need Some Help With TT


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First of all, how and where do I sign up, I want to run the 17th-18th event at Road Atlanta.


Secondly can you run TT without R compound tires? I have seen the form and didnt see an option for non R- compounds.


Lastly what class would I have to run in (03' Porsche Turbo, upgraded turbos, 450 whp 3400 lbs (without driver))

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  • National Staff

First thing is that you need to have enough experience to run in our advanced level TT program. Contact our Southeast TT Director, Chris Desalvo, and he will go through the screening process with you. [email protected]


Next, your car sounds like it belongs in the TTS or TTU class (probably TTU), depending on exactly how much it weighs with you in it (and whatever fuel you have remaining after competition sessions), the size tire you are running, and the exact rwhp. There is no credit for not running R compounds in the upper level TT classes (frankly, because we didn't expect to see anyone running without them). However, you also need to have a dyno sheet (3 pulls) on a Dynojet brand (for RWD cars) dynamometer before you are legal for TTS or TTU. You can always run in TTR without a dyno sheet.


OK, the registration page is here, and it looks like HPDE 1-3 are already full. So, you better get on this now with Chris if you want to participate https://www.nasaproracing.com/nasa_event/show/?event_id=431


Good luck, and welcome.

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Well I managed to run TTR this past weekend. I should probably move to TTU though because I would be more competitve there, but propbably have a ways to go before I can get to that 1:32 that Reese ran in the corvette. Hopefully there will be some events that he and Chris wont attend and I have a chance to win something. I also need some tires pretty bad, the understeer in my car kills my lap times in turns 1, 7 and 10b.


Overall though time trial is much more fun that any type of tracking I've done so far and I would dare put my turbo on the track with the thunder group, especially with standing starts.

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glad you had fun


get a dyno sheet for the car and I can help you do the math, you might be able to squeeze into TTU

I'm pretty sure that if Reese Cox and his Z06 are in TTU that I will be too, but I'll get dyno sheets before the next event.

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