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Sponsorship available for ST classes


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Ok racers. I am finally getting my head above water on the paperwork side. I have in my hands about $20,000 worth of sponsorship for 30 racers across the country and have a conceptual agreement for even more. This is sponsorship, not contingency. I am looking for racers across the country in order to show good geographic coverage.


Unfortunately, I don't have enough sponsorship for everyone and need to focus on the needs of the companies putting up the money. Assuming that things go well this year for our current sponsors I may be able to significantly expand sponsorship for the rest of the ST or even SU classes next year.


The emphasis is on Factory Five cars, but we don't have geographic coverage in all of the regions. In general, our priority for sponsorship is:


1. Factory Five Cars in ST-2

2. Other ST-2

3. Factory Five Cars in ST-1

4. Other ST-1


Those are just general. Geographic coverage is actually more important, but within a geographic focus this is where the priorities are.


If you are interested in being sponsored, please send an email to [email protected] with your name, address, car, and region you race in. (If you have already sent this information to me, I am afraid that I need you to send it again to Tammy so that we can get everything consolidated into one place. My sincere apologies, but the coordination has been a lot of work.)


There are no assurances that you will be selected for the program. It all depends on the specifics of who participates and what we need to achieve the sponsors' needs. It isn't a popularity contest and if you aren't selected doesn't mean someone doesn't love you. You may very well be added later in this year or next year. I am working on some things to potentially expand some offerings.


Time is really important on this since we intend to have some racers under contract for Road Atlanta. That means sorting through the list and getting the paperwork stuff done. Please send your information ASAP. Once I get this initial batch of 'seed' programs in place I intend to turn my attention back to some bigger, more lucrative programs.


If you want to be first in line for any new programs, go ahead and send your information and we'll at least have it on file. That would include SU. No promises, but I will see what I can do.

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Awesome Dan. I figured you had a few tricks up your sleeve


Here's to hoping the lack of FFR's in ST-2 works in my favor for the SE Region.

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I just got back from the NMRA (National Mustang Racing Association) drag racing event in Bradenton. I loaded a truck with speed parts to get my FFR at the optimum power to weight. The race for second place starts here.

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We've almost got the list straight of who we are going to include for sponsorship. We still have a few slots left in some cases, so call your buddies if you think they have something to offer.


In particular, we are looking for cars that compete in the following regions:



Rocky Mountain




For those of you that have applied, we'll be sending out some notes shortly.

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As far as I know I was the first ever ST car in nor-cal. Ran ST-1 last weekend and no other ST cars. Not sure how the sponsorship works, but the car is an AI car and when AI is not in town and I choose to run with NASA ST is the class. Although I ran ST-1, ST-2 is where the car should be.



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Ever race you run as an ST car with the appropriate stickers (or whatever the deal is for that sponsor) would make you eligible. There will be a few ST cars coming in NorCal. I know some of the FFR cobras aroung the country are running as the spec series in some races and ST in other places.


If you haven't signed up, go ahead and do so.

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