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Car clases and camberplates


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This will be my first year in TT although I've been running with NASA and HPDE4 for a while.


With the new rules if I have to many points for TTA does that put me into TTS or TTU. Power wise I'm below both and the ruling doesn't apply but if I install a couple more mods I'll have to many points to stay in TTA.


I have camber plates installed and don't see an entry for them in the classification forms, how many points are they worth or are they just taken for granted now if you're running coil overs?

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If you have too many points for TTA, then you move to S/U/R. Within S/U/R, it's based off weight/hp ratio. If you're above 8.7:1 adjusted ratio, then you'll be TTS, which is the lowest of the unlimited classes.

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Thanks for the replies. I must have missed it when I went through the no points section.


I knew from how things were setup last year that TTU and R were after TTA but the TTS definition/section was a little confusing.


Thanks for clearing things up. See you at the track.

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