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I think in a perfect world, a slight rear bias is preferred. A Porsche 911 is beyond ideal I think, although the 65% rear weight gives them unbelievable grip coming out of low speed corners.


In my experience, a sligh rear bias (55%) and a fair amount of swing weight helps grip and stability. Again, the 911 with short wheel base and low moment-of-inertial turn well, but are unstable once oversteer begins.

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A quick online search shows that most info related to Swing weight focuses on Golf and Baseball.


It seems to be concerned with moment of inertia about a pivot point with respect to mass, gravitational field strength and distance from the pivot point to the center of mass and the period of oscillation.

That should clear things up.


I hope that helps.


Obviously if one driver feels a 55/45 balance is his preference and auto makers often boast of 50/50 balance....one would think that anything in this ball park is going to tend represent a well rounded, neutral handling automobile.

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