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Any news on G-stream wings


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Yes, back orders are starting to ship and those customers are our first and foremost priority at this time. The G-Stream piece is a top quality true race wing at a very reasonable price in carbon. It’s not the cheapest wing on the block and not the most expensive like Mageria, Hardbar or the ACP Liebeck style, which the Comp 800 wing outperforms in our testing at almost half the price.


With any new venture there are unexpected delays and expenses and our plan is to do things right the first time. We could just throw wings together that to most people would be fine but that's not how we work. For those that have pieces on back order, we thank you and think you will be please with the quality and will be glad that you waited. We do apologize for the delay and any inconvenience this may have caused.


You are correct that the website has not been updated which unfortunately has fallen to the back of the priority list with the back orders growing daily. As mention in many threads, contact me directly to place an order or if you have any questions.


Thanks to all,


Paul Brown

Tiger Racing


[email protected]

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Thank you both!


Paul, please keep us up to date then you are ready for new orders. I think NASA will be very supportive of your products.

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I put a G-Stream wing on my car and I had more grip than I could have put into my car with out it. So if you are looking to order a wing, I would go with a G-stream will. Well worth the money they ask for!!!!!!! If I could I would use it on every car I drive!!

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Greeting All,


G-Stream is proud to let our customers know that back orders are being filled currently and new orders should start to ship by the end of June. We appreciate our customers hanging with us during the transformation and will be sure that it was worth your wait.


G-Stream has taken great lengths to increase production to fill the needs without sacrificing the strength and integrity of the parts. The G-Stream wings are not manufactured like most cheap import pieces and we will not sacrifice procedures and cut corners to save time and money. These are top quality true carbon racing wings period!


The website http://www.g-stream.com is back up but we are still refining it and adding additional information when we can. Our next steps are to increase mounting options and applications along with additional width options for the small to midsize cars.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Paul Brown @ [email protected]

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