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24' Enclosed trailer - $3,000 SoCal


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I have a 24' enclosed trailer with rear ramp door that i am considering selling at this time. It has dual axles and one side door. It is equipped with an awning, but the canvas will need replaced. It has a work bench inside across the front. Wood grain interior that is in pretty good shape, but no cabinets. It has dual interior lights... wired for 12 volt and 110 volt. It would be great for a local competitor who needs to store his car in an open area and would like it to be out of sight and out of the weather. $3,000


If interested, please PM me with email and/or contact telephone number.

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There are a couple people who have inquired about the trailer via PM. For some reason the system will not sent a reply to these inquiries, althought other replies seem to go through just fine. So, here is the information for everyone.


It is an older trailer. Right now it is packed in rather tightly so that I may not be able to get a photo that would give you a good view. However, I may need to pull it out in the next couple weeks. I will be going to Buttonwillow next week, but will probably take my open trailer since the car is already on it.


The trailer is stored in Azusa, California. If you are anywhere near the area, you are welcome to contact me so that we can meet and take a look. My contact number is (818) 952-0125.


I did find a couple photos showing part of the trailer that were taken a couple months back when we used it for transporting karts to Riverside, (also usnd as a rolling karting museum at this event).



See images 5697 and 5698. Couple more at 2266 and 2268. The last one shows an interior view although a bit dark.


BTW, if you take a look at the photos, that's John Morton formerly of BRE and Datsun fame in images 5753 and 5760 (blue and white # 28 kart).



David Cordier aka Neon2dmaX

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