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ttd class and b20 swap


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I have been tracking my 1990 Integra for 4 years and am now venturing into time trials, I'm located in the Southwest and I call PIR my home track. I will be talking with Brady shortly about my classing question as well.


My ‘90 integra came with a 1.8 non-vtec engine. I replaced it with a newer Honda crv engine, which is the same engine but bored out to 2.0 liters. Besides the displacement, the engines are the same. I have assessed myself the necessary points for the increased displacement (+Cool and see no reason for further penalty. That being said I thought I would run it by you to confirm my actions are appropriate, given my situation. My car actually still runs the original Integra head (just happen to pick the block up cheap, after spinning a rod bearing in my 1.8l motor)


Here’s the info you require:

1.Honda CRV 1998

2.B20, 2.0L, DOHC, IN LINE 4, 150hp/135trq



5. COMP WIEGHT W/DRIVER 2480, 150hp/135trg (TO THE WHEELS)


Thank you in advance,

Daniel Z

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  • National Staff

It is a motor swap, not just "increased displacement". E-mail me the info you have, make sure that the dyno numbers are from a Dynojet, and I will assign a new base class based on dyno numbers and minimum competition weight.

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