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Slicks vs Dot hoosiers?? What is best slick??

Red Tornado

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Am looking at setup for ST2 and was trying to see what would be best.

I also see the new R1 from BFG is out and tirerack's initial review is quicker than new R6 hoosier.


Thanks for any insight.

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Slicks are pure race tires and are not DOT legal. If this is what you are looking for I personally prefer the Hankook for durability and cost plus it is a radial(most commonly available Hoosiers and Goodyears are bias plys). if you are looking for a DOT legal track tire the Hoosier is likely the fastest and fastest wearing.

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2 thumbs up for the TOYO RA1 !


Granted its our spec tire. Everyone in my class has to use it.....but it works well.


best of luck.

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