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What class would a 2006 2.3 Mazda 3 fall into?


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I'm looking for information on what class a Mazda 3 would fall into. I'd like to find a class similar to the SCCA Showroom Stock SSC class. It has minimal changes on what can and can't be done to the car. Any help would be great. Thanks!

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My suggestion would be to look up the rules for Performance Touring. You'll start in a base class with a certain number of points allowed to you. Not quite Showroom Stock, but close enough. You're probably looking at basic suspension, brake, and tire upgrades.



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If you want a permenant nmber, many regions offer this feature, but it won't protect the number if you go to another group or at Nationals. Other than that, just sign up with that number when you regester and they will tell you if you need to change it. Often, you enter in 3 choices. I usually use






just for ease of adding an extra "1" if my number gets taken.

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exactly what was said above...plus in some regions you dont get a permanent number until your car gets a log book and thus a cage serial number.


I also request my base number with options for adding a "1" at either end.


Since we dont have a showroom stock class for the Mazda 3, PT is the best place for your car. It is growing in popularity as there are so many new cars that are relatively track competent and not enough classes for them all. The points system really help level the field. Its up to you to add to your car in the areas that will pay the greatest dividends without bumping to a class where your car will be out classes.


Best of luck.

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