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Formula 1 Charity Benefitting Spinal Cord Injury Research

Tiger Racing

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I did a quick search and didn't see any other threads about this. If I missed one, I apologize. I may be biased (clearly I am), but I think this is a great cause and it's also a cool way to donate to charity. Check it out:


Put Your Face on a Formula One Car!


Red Bull has today announced its newest innovation – a fan car with a difference. For the first time, people, instead of corporations will dominate the livery of an F1 car at the British Grand Prix giving fans the ultimate opportunity to support drivers David Coulthard and Mark Webber whilst raising $1million for charity.


Instead of the regular red and blue team colours, for one race only the Red Bull Racing RB3 will be lining up on the grid in Silverstone displaying brand new bodywork, one that is made up of the faces of more than 50,000 race fans.


From midday tomorrow, fans will be able to visit http://www.redbullf1.com and upload a portrait of themselves, their mates, a family member or another loved one. By using the highly interactive website which features a rotating 3D models of the RB3, fans can also choose whether they appear on Coulthard or Webber’s car and where their picture goes - and even save a space for a friend next to them.


It costs £10 to upload a picture to become a part of the historical car and all money raised will be donated to Wings for Life – a charity which supports those affected by spinal cord injuries.


Driver David Coulthard said: “Winning the British Grand Prix is something I’ll never forget so I always look forward to going back to Silverstone. Of course, it’s where I get the most support from my fans so this year, having them literally on the car with me is a nice way for me to pay them back for their support over the years.


“I’ve always been impressed with Wings for Life and its work in trying to find a cure for spinal injuries so it’s great to be able to do something to help.â€

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