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What tires for FWD guys?


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This is to the attention to everyone who has a FWD car. What tires and air pressure's are you running on your track car? Also what size are they and aprox. weight of your car. And please tell me what's your favorite setup.

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2250 1994 CIVIC HATCH

205-50-15 Falken Azenis

30-32psi cold front

32-34psi cold rear


Set them in the morning and never touch them all day...

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For me, it would depend on the type of tire and how the car is handling.


I used to run an Sentra in SE-R Cup, and now have a CXR in H4, both on 225/45R15 Toyo RA1s, both around 32-34psi hot, and fine tuning of rear PSI if I need to make the car more or less "loose".


You running on race tires or street tires?

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