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Fulcrum Motorsports Contingency at NASA Nationals


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from: http://nasachampionships.com/press.html


RICHMOND, CA - August 24, 2007. The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) is pleased to announce that Fulcrum Motorsports will offer nearly $50,000 in gift certificate contingency rewards to the top finishers at the 2nd annual NASA Championship event at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course on September 13-16th, 2007.


Neill Gathings, Fulcrum Motorsports President said "After many years of creating designs and products for commercial and automotive applications at our company Fulcrum CadDesign, we have developed a new motorsports oriented division called Fulcrum Motorsports. The composite wing designs we offer are tailored to your class specific application and body style. We are currently sponsoring several NASA racers and teams including Donovan Racing (AI), Mosty Brothers Racing (AI, CMC) and Argent Lab (CMC) during the development phase of the composite wing, preceding the production rollout to support the 2008 racing season. We are very proud to be a part of the NASA National Championship event and look forward to seeing everyone there in a few weeks. Fulcrum Motorsports can give you the Leverage You Need, and the Results You Want!"


Fulcrum Motorsports designs highly efficient composite wing packages that are strong, lightweight and infinitely adjustable. They offer custom sizes and different materials to create a composite wing package to fit your needs and budget.


The award program will apply to all eligible classes at the NASA National Championship event. The only requirement competitors must fulfill is to run Fulcrum Motorsports decals (one on each side of the vehicle) which will be available at the event. Competitors that finish 1st in class will receive a 50% discount toward the purchase of a composite wing package. 2nd place finishers receive 30% off, and 3rd place receives 20% off. Any competitors running the Fulcrum Motorsports decals at the NASA National Championships will receive a 10% discount on a composite wing package regardless of finishing position.


For more information or to purchase a composite wing package from Fulcrum Motorsports, see the flyer in your driver's packet, come by the Argent Lab booth at the National Championship event or visit http://www.fulcrummotorsports.com

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