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SOLD! - Featherlight model 3110


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The benefit of this trailer is that I was able to haul my 2002 corvette with my SUV, (not a pick-up or diesel). I could also carry a spare set of race tires that I didn't have to carry in the back of my tow vehicle. There is a pole that goes through the middle of the tires and locks so that the tires can't be stolen.


The optional Stabilizer Feet at the back allowed me to load and unload my car without any movement of the trailer.


The optional Front Wheel Chokes let me know when I was positioned for proper weight distribution. They can be moved as needed.

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I don't mean to highjack your thread...


I have the same trailer, where did you get the jacks and the tire rack from? Was it built custom or an option?


Thanks and good luck on your sale.

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I purchased the trailer from the Featherlite dealer. This dealer custom made the tire rack, jacks, and wheel chocks. He had been making them for others and had a nice template. You would be amazed at how nice the jacks help when loading and unloading. They make the trailer solid.

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